Review: Aer Lingus Lounge Dublin Airport

On my recent trip to Australia, my first flight to LHR was with Aer Lingus, Due to booking through Singapore Airlines at a higher class I was given free access to the Aer Lingus Departures Lounge which is located in terminal 2.

The lounge itself was easy enough to find, just follow the signs after security for US preclearance and Airline lounges, Get the lift or the stairs down to level 1 when you exit the lifts turn right and all the lounges are down that corridor.

Aer Lingus Lounge Dublin T2

I had planned to get to the lounge just as it was opening at 4 am but due to some issues with my Australian visa at the baggage drop, it was nearly 5 am by the time I got there. Checking into the lounge was easy I presented the receptionist my Dublin-London Heathrow boarding pass along with my passport and she scanned me in, Alternatively if you do not have Aer Lingus Status or a Business class ticket you can purchase access for €30 although, in my opinion, you would be better off using the DAA lounge beside it which can be accessed for free with Priority pass or for €25. The lounge is quiet, bright and airy perfect for getting a bit of sleep or peace and quiet from the rest of the airport. It also has some views of the tarmac but not of the active runway.

As I was there in the morning there were only some light snacks such as fresh fruit, cakes, muffins and porridge. There were no hot food options available which was a real let down. This is the main reason why I wouldn’t recommend purchasing access to the lounge.

The coffee that was there was pretty nice and a great way to start the morning. There was also a selection of some alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks although I only took sparkling water as the flight from Dublin to LHR is extremely short and I was waiting for some nice cocktails aboard the Singapore flights 🍹

The lounge also has a shower room up on the second floor along with another smaller food area that doesn’t have a pancake machine. I didn’t use the shower facilities but I talked to someone in the lounge who just came out he said “They aren’t the best as the shower room has no extractor fan so it gets steamy and wet very easily. Also, the tiles could do with a bit of TLC as the grout looked a bit black and mouldy. The water temperature was also rather cold.” The DAA Lounge has no shower facilities but I wouldn’t want to use them after hearing this, so for a cheaper price, you basically get the same as in the Aer Lingus lounge although the DAA lounge is a bit more crowded as its a Priority Pass lounge.

Aer Lingus Lounge Dublin T2 bottom line

The lounge is spacious and bright, which makes it an enjoyable space to be in, However the lounge is much let down by its bismal food selection and outdated shower facilities. Its okay if you get access for free but its defnitley not worth paying for access.

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Review: Aer Lingus Lounge Dublin Airport

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