Top Things To Do In Singapore Changi Airport.

On my recent trip to Sydney, I flew on Singapore Airlines who use Singapore’s Changi airport as their hub so I was lucky enough to have a few hours to explore the “Worlds Best Airport”. Despite being tired after not sleeping through the whole duration of the 13 hour-long flight I was keen to stretch my legs and explore the almost mini-city like Airport.

After unsuccessfully trying to revive a text from the airport with a login for the WIFI I found out that you could go to one of the information counters and get a One Time password to log onto the WIFI.

Free $20 Voucher

I next went to the iShopChangi Collection Centres (Located in Terminal 2 and 3) which is pretty well hidden and took a few minutes to find, But once you find it if you are flying through Singapore Airport twice you can claim a free $20 Voucher for use anywhere in the Airport excluding the purchases of Alcohol and Tobacco. If you aren’t so keen on exploring and just want to rest you can even use the voucher to get 3 hours free access to the Ambassador Transit Lounge or treat yourself to the Spa where you can unwind and relax.

Fancy an authentic Singapore Sling?

After that, I decided to go and get a quick Free Cocktail in the Long Bar by Raffles, I decided to go for the traditional Singapore Sling which was lovely and refreshing and full of flavour compared to the overpowering taste of the alcohol used in the ones served on Singapore Airlines. The Long Bar by Raffles is located in Terminal 3 on top of the DFS Wine And Spirits store beside the lounges.

There are numerous different gardens located throughout the airport such as the butterfly garden, Cacti Garden, The Sunflower Garden, Orchid and Koi Fish gardens and the best of all them the brand new Jewel which unfortunately I didn’t get to explore as my layover was pretty tight and you would have had to go through immigration to get into it as its publically accessible to anyone in Singapore and then back through security, Its well worth a visit though if you have a layover longer than 5 hours. However, you can get a quick glimpse of it if you board the SkyTrain track between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 without exiting the transit area.

The SkyTrain passing through the Jewel

Watch a movie (or get some sleep)

The Cinema located in terminal 2 and 3 is the perfect place to keep your family entertained with movies playing 24/7, Or if you fancy some shut-eye its one of the better places in the airport to get some sleep as its dark and usually fairly quiet just watch your bags and don’t forget to set an alarm as you may miss your flight.

Catch some Zzz’s in the snooze lounge

Hidden on the upper levels of Terminals 1, 2, 3 & 4 are Changi Airport’s designated ‘snooze lounges’. These are quiet spaces with lounge-style chairs and a few full-body massage chairs. However, I would recommend bringing an eye mask as space isn’t dark like the Cinema.

Take a dip in the pool

In Terminal 1 there is a lovely rooftop pool and jacuzzi located in the Aerotel Transit Hotel which can be accessed for $17 or you can even use your free $20 voucher to access it, Access to the pool also includes a free non alcoholic drink and use of their shower facilities (including towels) where you can freshen yourself up.

Eat some of the best Airport Food ever!

The Singapore Food Street is located in T1, 2 and 3 and has over 100 different dining options with various different cuisine types, Tantalise your tastebuds and eat some of the best airport food you will ever taste, From freshly rolled Japanese sushi to crispy Italian Pizza, Steaming hot pork buns and warming Laksa, Your $20 voucher can also be used here.

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