Cheap And Cheerful Gifts For Travellers

Looking for the perfect present for that traveller in your life? It’s not always easy when weight and space are at a premium.

As a backpacker, I am strictly limited on what I can be binning around with me, I only take stuff that I am absolutely 100% going to use. Here are some cheap and cheerful gifts that wont break your bank or your fellow travelers back.

  1. Universal Travel Adaptor In order to charge your electronics in foreign countries, you’re going to need a Universal travel adapter plug for the multitude of different sockets. Almost every frequent traveller will have or need one of these. This is the one I use and has 4 USB outlets to charge your USB devices cutting down on the number of plugs you need.
  2. Amazon Music Get your first month for free using this link.
  3. Insulated Water Bottle One of my most used travel items comes in loads of colours, not only will you keep hydrated, but you’ll save money on buying water bottles. This reusable bottle is fully insulated – which keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. 
  4. Fold up bag brilliant for laundry or groceries, This bag easily folds up into a tiny pouch that can fit in your pocket. I always end up using it for my laundry or a trip to the beach.
  5. One of those must-have travel accessories a head torch is something I always have packed. From hiking to packing in the early morning at a hostel – there are so many situations this is extremely useful in. This one charges by USB too so it’s even handier for travelling.
  6. Kindle The Kindle is one of the best ever inventions for bookworms, Especially those who travel a lot, Commuting to and from airports and hotels can get boring especially on long flights. Also, you can get a month free subscription to Kindle Unlimited Here!
  7. I absolutely swear by having earplugs and an eye mask for long haul journeys and hostel stays to help you get to sleep and stay asleep.
  8. Headphone Splitter an amazing way for travellers to make new friends and share their music with new friends.
  9. Deck Of Cards Sometimes something old fashioned can go a long way!
  10. First Aid Kit It’s always useful to have a small first aid kit with you that has everything that you could possibly need to treat a small injury.
  11. Powerbank In today’s Digital world we all use our smartphones, cameras, and other portable gadgets a lot. There’s nothing worse than running low on power when you need it the most. For travellers, this can be extremely annoying if their ticket confirmations, directions or Itenary suddenly becomes inaccessible with this Powerbank they will never have to face such a dilemma.

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