Travelling Essentials | Your First Time Abroad

Wondering what to pack for your first big trip abroad? It’s not always easy to pack the essential travel items only! Especially if you’re a beginner in the backpacking world. 

When choosing between a backpack and/or a suitcase, you should have a think about the purpose of your trip.  

When I go on a short holiday (a week or less), I find suitcases more useful. It’s easy to wheel at the airport, it doesn’t take too much room, and it keeps everything tidy. I prefer ones with four wheels opposed to those with two wheels.

When I go on a longer trip, I just love how useful the backpack is.  First, I can fit a lot more in a backpack, it’s more convenient to walk around and I just find it more comfortable. Wheeling a suitcase around crammed streets, on and off of public transport can be quite annoying. On the other hand, travelling with a backpack on a motorbike is a breeze!

Whether you prefer suitcases or backpacks, if you want to avoid paying to carry your luggage in places like Asia or Europe, I’d recommend you opt for a carry-on option. In Europe, you can normally bring around 10 kg and in Asia, it’s normally about 8 kg.

Top Recommendations For Backpacks:

  • A 30-33 litres backpack is normally ideal for the carry-on size. Even when full, it shouldn’t weight more than 8-10 kg.
  • Try to get one with plenty of pockets and compartments to allow for organisation of items.
  • Make sure your backpack includes a waterproof cover for those rainy days.

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Top Recommendations For Suitcases:

  • Try to find a sturdy suitcase that is light and has a deep inside, Oftentimes suitcases have very little room inside them and the cheaper ones are usually made of poor quality heavy materials. (And the wheels often break and fall off)
  • Get one with four wheels instead of two (You will thank me later)
  • Get a TSA Lock for your bag to secure it.
  • Get a bright coloured one so you can easily identify it at the airport.

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What to Bring When Traveling | Must Have Travel Items

Travel Essentials for the Plane

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones are an absolute must on long haul flights, Block out the engine noises, Screaming babies and the stranger who is sitting beside you and snoring like a pig. My personal favourites and the ones I am currently using are the Sony wh-1000xm3 They are pricey coming in at around $350 but they are currently the best on the market and have amazing noise cancellation and an amazing 30-hour battery life.
  2. Amazon Music Get a free one-month subscription using this link.
  3. For charging up your devices a Universal Travel Adaptor can come in handy especially for in hotels and hostels where sockets can be scarce, They often also have 3-4 USB ports on them minimising the number of plugs you need to bring.
  4. Power Bank There aren’t always power outlets on aeroplanes especially on Budget Airlines, So a Power Bank is extremely useful for charging devices.
  5. Hand Sanitizer and Antibacterial Wipes, After going through the airport and touching lift buttons, Suitcases, Door Handles and more your hands will be full of bacteria, wipe down your tray table and armrests and then scrub your hands with some Hand Sanitizer. Try to get one with moisturizer to prevent your hands from drying out.
  6. In need of catching some zzz’s on a long flight or in hostels? Pick up a cheap Sleep/Eye Mask to block out the light.

Essential Items for Backpacking/Travelling

  1. Filtering Water bottle, Never again have to purchase an overpriced bottle of water in the airport or on the aeroplane, Save your money and the environment with a Reusable Water Bottle.
  2. First Aid Kit It’s always useful to have a small first aid kit with you that has everything that you could possibly need to treat a small injury.
  3. Quick Dry Towel I love quick dry towels especially when I’m on the road long-term as I don’t always have the time to let my towel dry and also it’s super light and compact!
  4. Wet Wipes Really good on a long haul flight to freshen up before arriving at your destination.
  5. Padlock Keep your valuables safe and use that locker in the hostel or train station.
  6. Mosquito Deet Repellent Avoid annoying and itchy mosquito bites with this 100% Deet Insect repellent an absolute essential for travelling to warm humid locations with mosquitos.
  7. For charging up your devices a Universal Travel Adaptor can come in handy especially for in hotels and hostels where sockets can be scarce, They often also have 3-4 USB ports on them minimising the number of plugs you need to bring.
  8. Head Torch Extremely good for camping, Backpacking, Hiking and for in areas prone to power cuts.
  9. Water Purification Tablets Avoid having to buy bottled water and use these tablets to make questionable water safe to drink.
  10. Fold up bag brilliant for laundry or groceries, This bag easily folds up into a tiny pouch that can fit in your pocket. I always end up using it for my laundry or a trip to the beach.

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